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Marlborough Street at Main Street Intersection Improvements (Concept A‑3)






Short term


The project will be funded and implemented by the developer of Brainerd Place Mixed-Use Development.


Mitigate off-site traffic impacts of Brainerd Place Development by providing a dedicated southbound left-turn lane on Main Street at Marlborough Street; install ADA compliant pedestrian facilities to improve access and mobility for pedestrians; Install new traffic signal at site driveway on Route 66

  • Minor roadway widening along Main Street southbound approach to provide a dedicated southbound left-turn lane
  • Reduce the curve radius and lane width of the existing northbound channelized right-turn lane to reduce right-turning travel speeds
  • Shift the crosswalk on the east leg further from the intersection to provide a shorter crossing with straight alignment and refuge area on the median island
  • Install ADA compliant pedestrian signals and pushbuttons
  • Install traffic signal at Brainerd Place driveway on Marlborough Street
  • Provide right-in only driveway for Brainerd Place along Main Street north of Gulf gas station
  • OSTA approval for Brainerd Place development
  • Town roadway construction permits for construction within Town right-of-way
  • CTDOT approval and/or encroachment permit for construction within CTDOT right- of-way

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