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Intermunicipal Referrals

Section 8-3b of the Connecticut General Statutes requires that municipal zoning commissions refer to the proper COG(s) proposed zoning text amendments and zoning map amendments within 500 feet of a municipal boundary for COG review of potential intermunicipal impacts and environmental impacts to the habitat and ecology of Long Island Sound, at least 30 days before a public hearing on the proposal. Section 8-26b requires municipal planning commissions to refer  proposed subdivisions on municipal boundaries, in the same manner as zoning amendments. Municipal planning commissions are also required to refer draft plans of conservation and development to the COG for review under Section 8-23(h)(4) at least 65 days prior to adoption. Reports received by the municipal commission from the COG on the proposed amendment, subdivision, or plan of conservation and development are advisory and shall be made part of the record. The municipal commission may presume the COG does not disapprove if proper notice was given and no report is received from the COG. RiverCOG has delegated responsibility for referrals to its Regional Planning Committee. The following  protocol is followed by staff to determine responses by the COG.

For information on the land use referral process contact us at (860) 581-8554 or by sending an email to [email protected]

Referral Tracker

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