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Regional Housing Committee

About the Committee

The Regional Housing Committee (RHC) is an advisory committee of the Lower Connecticut River Valley Council of Governments. It was created following the adoption of the first Regional Housing Plan which recognized the need for better coordination and communication on housing issues across the region’s 17 municipalities.  


The Regional Housing Committee will provide a forum for ongoing coordination and collaboration on housing issues between member municipalities with the goal of improving housing diversity and opportunity in the region. Key functions of the Committee will include the provision of resources and education materials for existing and potential residents, commissioners, developers, and landlords; partnership and engagement efforts with non-profits, private sector developers, and federal, state, and local officials; ongoing analysis of housing needs and recommendations to address those needs; and continued monitoring of progress and support of efforts toward the implementation of housing related goals and objectives in member municipalities. 

Regional Housing Committee Bylaws – Adopted November 2022

2023 RHC Meeting Dates


The Regional Housing Committee is a voluntary association of the municipalities in the Lower Connecticut River Valley region. Sixteen of the region’s municipalities have agreed to participate and are eligible to appoint one member and one alternate to serve on the committee. If you are interested in being appointed, please reach out to [email protected] with the subject “RHC – Appointment” and indicate which municipality you are interested in. Members must have relevant knowledge and experience in housing matters and live or work in the municipality they represent. 

Current Committee Members

  • Chester – Patricia Bandzes
  • Clinton – Abby Piersall
  • Cromwell – Stuart Popper
  • Deep River – Daniel Smith
  • Durham – Vacancy
  • East Haddam – James Ventres
  • East Hampton – Roy Gauthier
  • Essex – David Rosengren
  • Haddam – William Warner
  • Killingworth – Richard Pleines
  • Lyme – David Lahm
  • Middlefield – Jim Irish
  • Middletown – Vacancy
  • Old Lyme – Michael Fogliano
  • Old Saybrook – Carl Fortuna
  • Portland – Daniel Bourret
  • Westbrook – Vacancy

Alternate Members

  • Chester – Bonnie Bennet
  • Clinton – Vacancy
  • Cromwell – Vacancy
  • Deep River – Vacancy
  • Durham – Vacancy
  • East Haddam – Vacancy
  • East Hampton – Vacancy
  • Essex – Carey Duques
  • Haddam – Vacancy
  • Killingworth – Vacancy
  • Lyme – Vacancy
  • Middlefield – Vacancy
  • Middletown – Vacancy
  • Old Lyme – Vacancy
  • Old Saybrook – Vacancy
  • Portland – Vacancy
  • Westbrook – Vacancy