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Multi-Modal Mobility Enhancements (Concept C)






Short term


Varies by alternative


Improve bicycle routing between Arrigoni Bridge and YMCA Camp Ingersoll to enhance bicycle accommodations, connectivity and mobility in Portland; improve access at the Air Line Trail crossing on Main Street in East Hampton by installing ADA compliant sidewalk ramps.

  • At Arrigoni Bridge and the Ramp Area:
    • Allows bicyclists to share the existing sidewalk with pedestrians on both sides of Arrigoni Bridge
    • Provide space for a bike ramp and dedicated bike lane along the east side of Main Street
    • Expand the embankment under the bridge to provide a bike path that connects both sides to facilitate crossing Route 66 under the bridge
  • Provide bicycle route alternatives between Arrigoni Bridge and Airline Avenue:
    • Alternative 1: Provide shared bike lane on Main Street, Freestone Avenue, and High Street
    • Alternative 2: Provide dedicated bike lane on each side of Main Street and Marlborough Street as part of Route 66 Bypass concept
    • Alternative 3: Convert the existing railroad alignment to an off-road multi- use path between Route 66 and Pickering Street and a shared bike lane along the southern section of Pickering Street
  • Air Line Trail Extension from YMCA Camp Ingersoll to Airline Avenue
    • Alternative 1: Convert the former Air Line Railroad property to an off-road multi-use path between Camp Ingersoll and Airline Avenue
    • Alternative 2: Provide a 10’ two-way multi-use path adjacent Route 66 between Airline Avenue and Grandview Terrace (west junction) as well as between Grandview Terrace (east junction) and Williams Street Extension; Provide a shared bike lane on Grandview Terrace
  • Install ADA compliant sidewalk ramps at the Air Line Trail crossing at Main Street in vicinity of East Hampton Village Center
  • Right-of-way actions; private property negotiations for Air Line Trail extension


  • Town roadway construction permits for construction within Town right-of-way
  • Encroachment permits for construction within CTDOT right-of-way